The importance of teaching

Teaching has always accompanied my artistic growth because I believe that you can learn a lot from kids. Everyone of them has a unique “musical character”, the result of their spontaneity, naturalness and of a healthy ruthlessness, only positive at their age.¬†These qualities are manifested on the grandest imaginable scale in music. These are some of the reasons why I love teaching

In 1997 I opened a musical Academy that soon became an important reference in the territory of Franciacorta for all the aspiring musicians, from 4 years upwards. In this school all instruments were taught.

In 2012 I started teaching at the Conservatory, in Rodi Garganico, a detached section of the Conservatory of Foggia and a few years later I taught also in Lecce.

During the summer I am engaged in courses and music workshops. From 2015 the Officine Motterle were born and two years later I was invited by the University of Taipei to hold a one-week course for the extraordinary students of that school.

Currently I’m teaching with great enthusiasm and pride in a big class of the Conservatory of Bergamo.